Sons Of Mars | Prepare to Battle

The first season of
"Sons of Mars" is about to begin

A unique NFT experience with art created by Disney and Marvel artists, that combines Battle Royale and digital collectibles directly on OpenSea. Your NFT’s rarity is defined by how long you survive in the experience. The last one standing wins the grand prize.

Public mint: TBC

5555 unique nfts

Created by
Disney & Marvel Artists


The NFTs rarity is defined by its Death State

Sons of Mars | Warrior - AliveSons of Mars | Warrior - Marble
Sons Of Mars | Win 200ETH

Grand prize of 200eth

The last one standing in this thrilling Battle Royale X NFT experience will get a buyout of 200ETH.


Each warrior will be randomly eliminated over 15 fight rounds with secure and safe code, powered by Chainlink VRF.

Sons of Mars | Powered by Chainlink

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