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Battle Royale X NFTS

Sons Of Mars is a battle royale game with a difference – it mixes Russian Roulette style gameplay with digital collectibles that can be traded and sold like any other NFT. This innovative game combines the best of both worlds, giving players the chance to not only collect and trade rare and valuable items, but also to compete against each other in one intense battle to win a grand prize of 200ETH. With its unique mix of gameplay, Sons Of Mars is sure to appeal to both collectors and gamers alike.

SOM Story Background

The Story

The year is 50AD, the city Rome and 5555 fathers, sons and brothers arise with blood in their eyes. The roman God of War, Mars, is looking for his champion. He has chosen his combatants and they will fight until the winner has been found.

None of the warriors know why they must fight, but fight they must. None of them have seen their competitors before today but war consumes them all. None know why Mars needs his champion, they only hear his voice in their heads. He tells them that today, the Sons Of Mars, see only red.

SOM Story Background

5554 Die

1 Survives

The Experience

Get ready for a battle of epic proportions!

If you want to be a digital fighter, you better be prepared for 40 days of gruelling battle and 15 rounds of intense fighting until only one is left alive. The others will be transformed into Roman statues.

In this experience, four random statues will be airdropped 5ETH.

The last one standing will be offered the grand prize of 200ETH.


SOM Warrior